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For 50 years Carlotti has been delivering premium quality machines for the digging and harvesting processes of potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions. Our machines are specifically designed to safeguard the integrity of the product, ensuring maximum productivity while lowering, at the same time, the risks of damaging the product.

Since 1956 CARLOTTI G. & C. has committed to the so-called 'sweet' mechanization of its machines, focused on small and medium-sized farms (up to 18-20 hectares). The simple mechanization of our range has won the trust of customers thanks to the quality and low maintenance required.
Covering such a specific market segment has given us the opportunity to grow outside Italy.

We’re confident that, by cooperating with new Distributors located all over the world, our machines will be globally recognized for equipping even small-medium farmers with the level of mechanization necessary to relieve them from the burden of manual harvesting.
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