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The company Selvatici was founded in 1969 by Franco Selvatici and has always been characterized from the beginning to produce high technology tools for intensive and high productivity agriculture. The historical headquarters has always remained in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna. In 2014 the company Franco Selvatici became Selvatici Srl and the engineer Lorenzo Selvatici became its president. The company is specialized in the production of agricultural machinery for soil preparation such as spading machines, double spading machines, post hole diggers with augers both mechanical and hydraulic for backhoes and rear scrapers. In addition, there is a line for professional gardening including aerators and sand spreaders. New tools have recently been introduced in the range, such as spading machines for two-wheel tractors, stone buriers and bed formers. These tools have been developed mainly in the company with a research and development activity that has intensified in recent years. In addition, new projects are being studied in the field of organic farming and minimum processing always on specialized crops. Selvatici Srl, in addition to being very well known at national level, has for years developed an excellent sales network also abroad which currently accounts for more than half of its turnover and can also guarantee an efficient spare parts service.
The main product is the spading machine, a machine for the first tillage that can be used as an alternative to the disc plough and the rotovator. Fundamental characteristic is that it does not leave the hardpan, typical of rotary tools such as the rotovator and plough. Not having such an inconvenience is an ideal machine at agronomic level to facilitate root growth and proper soil drainage. It mixes the residues of previous crops, fertilizers and menure. It reaches excellent working depths, up to 50cm for the biggest machines.
It is specific for horticulture, vineyards, orchards and also for floriculture both in greenhouse and open field.
It leaves the soil very finished and thanks to the type of movement, it helps the advancement of the tractor, thus saving fuel and being able to be used on sloping ground in total safety.
We are also specialized in the production of augers and post hole diggers, central, movable and tilting, therefore also specific for work in orchards and vineyards. Our greatest strength, in addition to the great variety, is that we are the only ones in Italy to produce gearboxes in order to guarantee great robustness and reliability. Since 2018 we have also introduced hydraulic post hole diggers for backhoes to which the wide range of augers of our production can be coupled.
Our range of products also includes rear scrapers and levellers, aerators and sand spreaders for the maintenance of green spaces and a few months ago we have also completed the new project of bed formers and stone buriers for tractors from 50hp up to 130hp. Great news of the last months, we have added a new range of fix and rotative chain shredders.
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