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MecVel srl

Since 1987 MecVel develops and manufactures electric linear actuators with load capacity up to 20 tons. MecVel customization service allows to configure each product to tailor it according to technical specifications of the application to which it is intended. The electric system used offers a lot of benefits, if compared to hydraulic and pneumatic ones, as being suitable for linear motions on tractors, atomisers, sprayers, harvesting machines, irrigation systems and feeding robots. These technologies automate farmers work, from agriculture to breeding and zootechnics, with high-resistance, performing and flexible solutions.

Product sectors
Irrigation equipment
Harvesting machines
Components, accessories and spare parts
Various machines for agriculture, livestock management and for the cleaning of stalls; machines and equipment
Treshing, selection and conditioning equipment
Product processing and dairy-work equipment
Livestock husbandry equipment
Company details