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Braglia produces:
Computers for precision farming.
Spraying lances, from 4 to 250 bar in operating pressure.
Brass and plastic spraying nozzles for orchard sprayers and boom sprayers.
Ceramic and plastic nozzle tips for lances, boom and orchard sprayers.
Components: electrical valves, filters, tank fillers, tank level indicators, pressure gauges, pressure regulators and fittings to equip the spraying circuit of orchard and boom sprayers.
Braglia distributes its products through Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia, Japan, Africa, India, Asia and is always after new opportunities in growing markets.

Product sectors
Components, accessories and spare parts
Various machines for agriculture, livestock management and for the cleaning of stalls; machines and equipment
Plant and crop protection equipment
Soil-working, sowing and fertilizer-distribution equipment
Company details