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This story began in 1958 when Claudio Martignani, founder and today co-owner - with his son Stefano - of the Company that bears the same name, presented, and began to spread in Romagna, the Italian homeland region of Sangiovese wine, particularly devoted to wine production and fruit growing, the first pneumatic blowers with low water volume, resulting from a joint initiative of expert Dutch plant pathologists that dates back to 1946.
Martignani continues one's way, introducing first in Europe the Electrostatic Spraying System (1981), the only one tested in Italy and abroad with phytotherapeutic results.
Already established in farming practices with thousands of vine and fruit-growers throughout the world, it represents one of the most important contributions towards progress in research into new solutions able to optimize application techniques.
After more than 50 years, the Martignani Mist-

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